Water Management

Water is a vital resource that is critical to sustaining life on our planet, but climate change is making water management more important than ever—and more challenging. That’s why we diligently safeguard water sources by practicing both conservation and quality protection.

    Protecting the Earth’s Most Essential Resource

    Climate change is making weather patterns more difficult to predict, leading to dynamic swings in temperature, precipitation and humidity. Harvesting and building roads in forested areas and near watersheds can also affect wildlife, water quality and the peak and timing of water flows.

    That’s why we continuously work to lessen these potential effects by optimizing the amount of water we use and safeguarding this resource by protecting water quality upstream and downstream of our operations.

    Our Goal: We are committed to reducing water consumption and protecting water quality through optimized production processes, leading management systems and innovative technologies.

    Our water management efforts are focused on both conservation and quality: we work to optimize the amount of water we use, and we protect water quality upstream and downstream from our operations to safeguard this resource.


    Environmental Management System

    Our manufacturing and pulp operations have an Environmental Management System (EMS) aligned with the ISO 14001 standard. The EMS provides a framework to manage our short- and long-term environmental impacts on water.


    Water Use in Pulp Operations

    We carefully monitor and measure the effects of effluent on the environment and we strive to ensure there are no negative impacts, including potential effects on fish and on organisms that make up the aquatic ecosystem.


    Water Use in Wood Products Operations

    Our solid wood manufacturing facilities operate under stringent water management programs to ensure we adhere to allowable discharge limits within all our permits, meet federal and municipal standards of purity and ensure safe and clean drinking water and other sources of fresh water.

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