Safety, Health and Wellness

Recognizing that our people are the heartbeat of Canfor lays the foundation for our commitment to going above and beyond to provide a work environment that prioritizes their personal health, wellness, and mental well-being.

    Holistic Wellbeing at Work and at Home

    As a forest products manufacturing company, our number one priority is ensuring our people return home safely to their families each and every day. But it’s also essential that their overall well-being is being well cared for in both their personal and professional lives.

    That’s why we strive to be a great employer, partner and corporate citizen by creating a healthy, safe and inclusive workplace, supporting a thriving community with engaged partners and recognizing the value of the diversity and unique strengths we all bring to the table.

    Our Goal: We are committed to a zero-incident workplace and supporting the health and wellness of our people.

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    Investing in Safety Across New Sites

    Although our three Alberta facilities that were acquired in 2022 already had an excellent safety culture and program, the Canadian wood products operations' safety team worked to assess risks and opportunities for upgrades and the additional investment needed to apply learnings from Canfor’s existing facilities.

    Focus areas included a $6 million capital expenditure for dust extraction to reduce the risk of dust explosion, machine safeguarding, machine lockout processes, and Mobile Equipment Pedestrian Interface risk assessments and controls.

    More ways we're tackling sustainability: