Indigenous Relations

Reconciliation with Indigenous communities needs to be broad, inclusive and respectful. As we recognize and address our colonial past, having strong relationships with Indigenous communities is critical–not only for reconciliation but also for business certainty and our joint success.

Building a Better Future Together

Canfor’s operations overlap with Indigenous territories, and we are committed to creating meaningful engagement with these communities. We do so through opportunities for economic partnerships; stewardship of the environmental, social and cultural values of forests; and sustainable practices to honour and respect the land for future generations.

We acknowledge that forests are an integral part of the culture and livelihoods of Indigenous Peoples and see opportunities for mutually beneficial partnerships with Indigenous communities.

Our Three Principles of Indigenous Engagement

Recognition and Respect

We recognize and respect the constitutionally protected rights and treaty rights of Indigenous Peoples. We are working to understand the unique interests and challenges of each region and community by engaging with the diverse Indigenous groups within our operating areas.

Increasing Participation in the Forest Economy

We acknowledge that forests are an integral aspect of the lives and livelihood of Indigenous Peoples. As a manufacturing business that embraces sustainable forest management, we see opportunities for mutually beneficial partnerships with Indigenous communities that complement and enhance our business.


Indigenous Peoples and us share common goals in conserving and sustaining the environmental, social and cultural values of forests. Together, we can improve the wellness of Indigenous Peoples through shared principles that ensure the sustainability of forests for current and future generations.

Connecting With Communities Through Indigenous Relations Liaisons

As a forestry company that operates on the traditional territories of many Indigenous communities, creating meaningful engagement is a important step towards building respect, trust, and understanding that goes above and beyond the economic transaction. Canfor’s Indigenous Relations liaisons provide a critical bridge between Indigenous communities and the business.

Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training

It is essential that our people are informed about Indigenous history, the Canadian Indian Act, residential schools, governance structures and much more. Since 2020, we have been delivering Indigenous Cultural Awareness and Understanding (ICAU) training as well as Diversity and Inclusive Awareness training for our employees.

More ways we're tackling sustainability: