Energy Management

Responsible energy management is a key priority for Canfor, including the green energy we produce. Our operations require energy, and it’s essential for us to be responsible in how we source and use that energy—especially when it’s derived from fossil fuels.

    Efficient Energy Management in Challenging Times

    With the recent volatility in residual fibre supply, we have experienced more downtime in our pulp mills than in recent years. This presents a particular challenge when managing energy consumption, as pulp mills require consistent, stable operations to maximize efficiency.

    However, through low-carbon solutions, innovation and technology, we seek opportunities to responsibly manage our energy consumption, even amid challenging periods. We work closely with governments, utility organizations and other stakeholders to optimize our processes and conserve energy, and we continually seek effective and innovative approaches.

    Our Goal: We will optimize energy intensity across our business while expanding utilization and production of low-carbon energy solutions.

    Energy Management Assets

    We conduct Energy Management Assessments every two years to realign our initiatives and establish deliverables.


    Saved with the Elko sawmill compressor system.

    840,000 kWh/yr

    Saved with the Prince George sawmill compressor system

    288,000 kWh/yr

    Saved with Plateau sawmill exterior, kiln and mobile shop LED lighting

    Green Energy Generation

    Given the nature of our operations, Canfor’s facilities in British Columbia and Alberta generate renewable energy that can be used internally and, where possible, can even be sold to local hydroelectric grids.

    More ways we're tackling sustainability: