Community Resilience

Resilient communities are the roots from which a better future can grow. We are committed to supporting and empowering the places where our employees live and work through community giving, employee involvement, sharing technical skills and higher education.

Supporting the Communities Where We Live and Work

Now more than ever, companies have a duty to do more than just generate revenue, and this is a responsibility we take seriously. Canfor is dedicated to being an active corporate citizen, a force for good and a catalyst for positive change.

Through ongoing, purposeful and sustained community-giving programs, we strive to empower resilient communities by developing the structures, relationships and supports required to respond and adapt to change effectively.

Community Investment

How Canfor Invests in the Communities Where We Operate

Canfor’s Good Things Come From Trees program to ensure we have a sustained approach to community giving, regardless of the cyclical nature of the forest industry. In order to make the most significant impact possible, our efforts are focused on four core categories.

Forestry and sustainability programs for school-aged children, post-secondary scholarships, workforce enablement programs, safety education and special events and conferences.

Initiatives organized by community groups or Indigenous groups to promote physical and mental health, medical and healthcare equipment and initiatives focused on youth sports, physical activity, mental health and wellness.

Local and national projects to protect ecologically sensitive landscapes and species at risk, green building projects, and special events and conferences featuring subject matter experts focused on the environment and sustainability.

Cultural awareness programs and initiatives, in-kind donations to support community infrastructure projects, local events celebrating diversity and inclusion, and events to drive economic growth and employment opportunities.

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