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Nothing worth doing comes easily. But when it comes to sustainability, our world’s well-being hangs in the balance. That’s a cause worth working for—and one where Canfor can make an impact.

Ambitions to Actions: Our Approach to Sustainability

Our success is deeply connected to our ability to maintain a deep respect for the communities and people our business touches, the products we produce and the natural environment we rely on to thrive. Our focus on People, Planet and Products aligns our ambitions with actions and positions us to create a better future—for our customers, our employees, our company and the earth.

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Download Canfor’s 2022 Sustainability Report for more information about the steps we’re taking in our commitment to creating a more sustainable future.


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    Sustainability Reporting

    2022 Highlights

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    Our 2022 Sustainability Highlights


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    Our Sustainability Framework in Action

    Safety, Health & Wellness

    We are committed to going above and beyond to provide a work environment that prioritizes the personal health, wellness and mental well-being of our employees.

    Inclusion & Diversity

    We recognize unifying an increased diversity of abilities, backgrounds, experiences and points of view empowers us to be a stronger and more strategic organization.

    Indigenous Relations

    Our business operates on Indigenous territories and we are committed to creating meaningful engagement with these communities through economic partnerships; forest stewardship; and sustainable practices to honour and respect the land for future generations.

    Human Rights

    We strive to ensure that all people are treated with dignity, respect and integrity, from our employees to our community members, contractors, stakeholders, Indigenous partners and all those who are impacted by our operations.

    Community Resilience

    We understand that creating a better future is inherently connected to building stronger and more resilient communities. That’s why we are steadfastly committed to forging stronger bonds with stakeholders, Indigenous Peoples and other individuals or groups who have an interest in our operations.

    Sustainable Forestry

    Canfor-managed forests are sustainable forests. While it’s less commonly known by the general public, sustainable forestry management helps maintain biodiversity, protect watersheds, mitigate climate change and support healthy, resilient forests for future generations.

    Climate Change

    There is no solution to the climate crisis without forestry. Forest products—and the forestry sector—are the ultimate green choice. They are essential to helping the world achieve our shared climate change goal of keeping global warming to 1.5°C or less.

    Air Quality

    The quality of the air we breathe has a significant impact on human health as well as the health of the environment. We carefully manage the emissions from our operations to protect our friends, families and neighbours who live and work where we operate.

    Water Management

    Water is a vital resource that is critical to sustaining life on our planet, but climate change is making water management more important than ever—and more challenging. That’s why we diligently safeguard water sources by practicing both conservation and quality protection.

    Waste Management

    Global consumption of both renewable and non-renewable resources is taking place at an unprecedented pace. As harvesters and stewards of a renewable resource, we have a responsibility to maximize every tree we harvest and minimize the waste we produce.

    Residuals Management

    From the forests to our facilities, Canfor is committed to maximizing the value of every harvested tree. We do so by exploring opportunities to leverage all viable residuals, both in traditional ways such as producing pellets and helping to enrich the forest floors as well as non-traditional ways such as producing biofuels and conducting bio-innovation.

    Supply Chain Management

    Manufacturing our products sustainably is only one piece of the puzzle. In order to truly reduce our impact on the planet, we think beyond cost, efficiency or speed and ensure that the journey our products take, from the forests to our facilities and then ultimately to our customers, is environmentally conscious.

    Energy Management

    Canfor’s operations require energy and it’s essential for us to be responsible in how we source and use that energy. In addition, at some of our facilities we produce clean energy that's made available on the grid. Through low-carbon solutions, innovation and technology, we seek opportunities to responsibly manage our energy consumption and surpluses.

    Sustainability Stories

    Read real-world stories about the people, places and initiatives at the front lines of our work toward a more sustainable future.

    About Canfor

    We are a global leader in the manufacturing of sustainable forest products, including lumber, pulp, paper, wood pellets and green energy.

    We’re continuously looking for new ways to apply sustainability innovation to supply low-carbon solutions that the world wants and needs.